VoiceBuds — A fusion of elegance and innovation. Amplifying Your Voice, Clarity in Every Conversation

Custom Services

6 mics for clear calls

Lifetime Warranty

AI Environmental Noise Cancellation

Custom Services

Wind Noise Cancellation

100 Days Return

Hi-Resolution sound with HiFi V DSP

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6 Mic Marvel

Meticulously positioned 6 Mics. setup to capture your voice with exceptional precision.

Background Noise? Be gone!

AI enhanced Noise Cancellation eliminates unwanted traffic noise ensuring your voice is only focus.

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Premium Sound Comfort

Crafted with sleek design, perfect fit, and premium materials. Experience rich premium sound across the audio spectrum from deep bass to crisp high.

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Precise Voice means better,

Ai Wind Noise Cancellation During Calls

Our intelligent ENC, powered by neural network algorithms, delivers wind-free calls and balanced noise cancellation. With 6-mic system and anti-wind design, VoiceBuds analyze your location’s ambient noise ensuring your voice remains clear and loud. Empowering you to communicate effortlessly and confidently, no matter where you are.

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More Mics means better

Crystal Clear Conversations – 6mics

Leveraging a 6-mic setup and precise sound processing, our ANC blocks out nearly all background noise, ensuring your voice remains clear and undisturbed. Enjoy a superior calling experience in conference calls and more, where your voice rises above the chaos.

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Everlasting Conversations,

60+ Hours of Uninterrupted Calls

Whether it is hours of conference calls, endless playlists, or non-stop Insta live streaming, you'll have the juice to stay connected and entertained. Say goodbye to battery anxiety.

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Amplified Voice through,

Silence: 40 dB Active Noise Cancellation

From traffic rumbles to office chatter, VoiceBuds’ advanced ANC technology actively cancels out unwanted noise by a staggering 40dB. Whether you're commuting, working out, or simply relaxing, VoiceBuds allows you to control your serenity.

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Feel every beat, hear every note

Sound: Hi-Fi Audio

Our VoiceBuds deliver stunning, Hi-Fi, hi-res audio with a blend of beautiful high notes and vibrant bass. Enjoy every track's rumble and depth, and make every call sound natural and clear.

what's in the box


Sable Black


Earbuds: 17*11mm

Case: 50*50*25mm


Earbuds: 6g (±0.2g)

Case: 40g (±0.2g)


Playtime: 7 hours (Buds), 60+ hours (with Case)

Capacity: 50mAh (Buds), 470mAh (Case)

Charging: Wired C-type


Driver: 10mm Graphene Driver

Driver Sensitivity: 114±2DB

Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

Noise Cancellation:




Bluetooth Version: 5.3

Supported Codes: SBC, AAC, CVSD

Range: 10m

Water Resistance:

IPX4 Water Resistant

Other Features:

Fast charge

Low latency: <80ms

Wind Noise Cancellation

HiFi Audio Processing

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